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Creative Hub & Art Gallery   -  Creating with love.

About the space botswana

Welcome to Africa, behold! This is an art gallery!
The Space Botswana – The Creative Hub in the Okavango Delta. A stop by Gallery for African Art Culture , Original Artworks ,  Art Residencies, Re-treats, Workshops and Exhibitions. Coffee shop to be opened soon.
A Space for all Art and Creatives in Botswana.


We offer exhibition space to International and local artists. Our
collaborative culture is the reasons we look forward to a greater
future together.


Our makers - space focus is to provide room for development of crafting sculptures and designs on location. Our Art Retreats are packaged with mediation, nature and wildlife into the Okavango Delta. Giving you the opportunity to connect, experience and relax with your inner being.


Workshop are tailor made to specification . We welcome you to register and host one. Residency periods have an open period for applications depending on grant/sponsor Availability.

our story

Shipping container gallery, is it possible?
We have been searching for a ways to a make income as artists, by doing what we love the most after seriously hitting rock bottom with experiences of being an ARTIST living in Southern Africa, BOTSWANA – Maun.
An idea turned into reality. Late November 2019 we managed to find a shipping container from an advert on Facebook. It took a week to sort out the transportation. Early December 2019 we then dug out holes, mixed concrete and cement to lay the foundations with a baby on my back. We were preparing for the delivery of the container as the purchase had been done. I didn't know how labor intensive doing all that was, by the time we were done my muscles were aching.  That was only just the beginning of hard work and sweat... please follow our journey on blog posts and social media handles.